Our mission

is to bring quality healthcare with human touch within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and sustenance of excellence in competence and care for the benefit of mankind.

Our vision

to be a nationalised recognised healthcare centre for its unmatched healthcare services and our commitment to the excellence.

Our Goal

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Naton.

Our Values

We place our patient’s health first.

Dr. Pankaj Darji


PHC – PRAMUKH HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC , Gandhinagar was established in 2004 – 2005. The Clinic has made steady progress since 2004 – 2005. Established as a only homoeopathic clinic, it has played a vital role in homoeopathic clinic of Gujarat. In this mission today it has progressed to offering improvement in several diseases. The clinic also undertakes R & D activities and offers testing, consultancy and other extension services including camps in different area of Gandhinagar.

PHC can bring homeopathy treatment to you through the Internet. You have reached to the web site offering New Age healing science of Homeopathy. Homeopathy (also homoeopathy) is over 207 year’s old medicine which originated in Germany, and is now practiced in over 80 countries. Here you will find all about homeopathy that one needs to know towards deciding to opt for homeopathy treatment.In the e-age, homeopathy offers most modern and sophisticated outlook to health, disease and the treatment. Any disease is no more treated as an isolated segment in the body but with a revolutionary totalistic approach. The motto is: Treat the patient as a whole, and not the disease in parts. Homeopathy is, indeed, future medicine.

Revolutionary method employed in the making of homeopathic medicines transforms the hidden energy from any atom into healing power. For example, Arnica 30c, a common homeopathic medicine, uses only a microscopic amount, less than a millionth of a gram! As perceived, only the imprints of the substance in energy form are used to enhance the body’s own healing mechanism.

We have treated large number of chronic cases like asthma, hypertension, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes, HIV, thyroid, skin & gynec related cases. We have found that even terminal case of cancer, homoeopathy give better palliation than any pain killer available in market and will ensure a quality life for them. Cases of HIV with our treatment, considerable improvement in count CD4 and also there has been steady improvement in health of HIV patient. WE treat the patients with right medication at right time in our Clinic with polite and homely attitude. We treat the person, not the disease. Thus we take a great deal of pride in the tradition and uncompromised nature of the personalized care that is provided to our patients.At PRAMUKH HOMOEOPTHIC CLINIC , the patient is guided for best services as per his/her request and need. We treat you like family.